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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A watercolor adventure in Turkey

This watercolor sketch is from an original done on-the-spot near Uchisar, Turkey, which is in the visually stunning Cappadocia region.. I recreated the step-by-step process of creating the original as a demonstration for my upcoming book, Freehand Drawing and Discovery.

I started with a pencil line sketch on 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper.  I thought the contour sketching method--drawing the overall outline first and treating the subject as "shapes" rather than "things"-- would work best in this case.

As the sketch progressed, I tried to capture the visual texture of the scene, rather than the literal details.

A wet-on-dry wash over the entire area to be painted. 

Some shade and a warm roof color, mixed from burnt sienna, cadmium red and a touch of french ultramarine.

Windows added, again trying to capture a visual impression rather than photographic realism.  Some olive green between buildings hints at vegetation and provides some much needed contrast.  This is a detail view, showing about one half of the sketch.