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Thursday, June 7, 2012

High Adventure

Our 3-week sketch/study trip in South America with my old friend Professor Max Conrad and many of the usual suspects begins Saturday.  Patti and I will fly to Belo Horizonte in Brazil, then make our way along the southeastern coast through Ocuro Preto, Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Paratay, Ilhabela and Sao Paulo.  While in Sao Paulo we will stay with my old friend and fellow LSU landscape architect Sergio Santana.  Then off to Peru to experience Lima, an ecotourism lodge at the Reserva Amazonica, Machu Picchu and Cuzco before heading back to Texas. My goal is to produce between 40 and 50 watercolors during the trip.
We've visited 36 countries since 1999, but this is our first trip to South America. It's overdue, and we're really jazzed.  High adventure indeed.


  1. Great Sketch trip, indeed! You'll have a chance to practise a little portuguese too.
    Have fun, sketch a lot so that we can also profit on your trip!

  2. As always Jim, your sketches are inspiring and capture the pure spirit of the subject that you draw!
    -Brian Lin

  3. Your sketches always inspire me whenever I visit here and this map is really telling that your trip must has been awesome across the Brazil..!!

  4. The map is really handy and much descriptive indeed...I like the way you chose Brazil as it is really a great place to experience.. :)

  5. Amazing places around whole Brazil...the highlighting aspect is really very good...I believe that Brazil have one of the most deep forest gift of nature of what we call Amazon Forest!

  6. We can explore many things in Brazil.There are so many places to visit and to search some new discoveries.