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Monday, October 22, 2012

Let's change the backdrop: a day at the Fair!

Wow, my new teaching position at the University of Texas at Arlington put a serious dent in my posting frequency!  The truth is I have quite a bit of fresh material, I've just been running around like my hair was on fire and haven't found time to post.  Well, that phase is done...this is the first of a many that will be coming your way in the coming days.  It was sketched this past Friday at the State Fair of Texas on a crisp October afternoon.  The Fair is quite a spectacle of colors, music, food (and livestock) smells, and energy!  And it really has changed very little from the first time I visited Fair Park, say, 45 years ago--it's like going back in time!  The day at the Fair did me a world of good, and I loved the chance to sketch a place that's not only picturesque, but full of happy memories.


  1. Jim !! your drawings are so damn likable ..I just read that you are now FTF @ UTA ..good for you!! and great for them.

  2. Thanks Jack! Great to hear from you.

  3. what studios/classes are you teaching?

    1. This semester I'm teaching Studio 1 as a foundational design course...weekly projects exploring art elements, design principles, process thinking, and culminating in a landscape architecture project to tie it all together. Also Communications. Next semester, Pro Practice, Intro to Landscape Architecture, and a brand new course called Urban Sketching...it will be open to students campus-wide.

  4. Urban Sketching? What do you know about that !?:)