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Monday, July 21, 2014

An Interview for Wanderarti

I'm delighted that Lizzie Davey invited me to do an interview for her stunning art and travel website, Wanderarti.  You'll enjoy browsing the site and sampling the great variety of fascinating posts.  Here's the link to my interivew; I hope you enjoy it.
Wanderarti: James Richards interview


  1. I really enjoyed your interview Jim. Lizzie was right, your style is so distinctive it is immediately recognisable. I have something funny to tell you, last week I sketched York Minster using that very same example you shared. It worked great - never thought I could do something like that in under an hour. Thanks!

    1. Lynne, thanks for that story. Did you get the example in Barcelona?

    2. I got the example from Chapter 2 of your book about the 9 keys to composing a drawing. I have found it very useful.