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Friday, January 2, 2015

Freehand Drawing and Discovery in Iran

This week I've received correspondences from Maryam Mojtabavi, an enthusiastic lecturer in the Department of Architecture, Asrar Institute of Higher Education in Mashhad, Iran, who told me that she and her students were using my book, Freehand Drawing and Discovery, in their architecture  curriculum.  This morning I received several photos she sent of her students and their work, in which they were emulating and interpreting my drawings in the book.  I was truly moved, and grateful for the gesture.  This, above all, is the reason for all the hours and effort that go into writing a book like FDD--to pass the flame from one mind to another, across the world, across cultures, to new generations.  I thought you'd enjoy seeing them as well.  Thank you Maryam, and thanks  to your talented students.  Happy New Year.


  1. Fantastic James! Your work is really an inspiration!

  2. Great job Jim...I like the last picture of the girl with the "V" for victory sign...

  3. You continue to change the world. Well done!

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  5. Awesooooooooooooome! Jim thank you so much for share these photos. I really enjoy. Thousands of students looking forward to see and use your work, well done!

    1. Maryam, you are the awesome one. Your work with the students is inspiring.

  6. How great that your book has reached and motivated so many students!