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Sunday, June 14, 2015

U.S. and Cuban artists collaborate on "Havana Impressions"

While in Havana, our group was honored to be invited to collaborate with renowned Cuban artist Jose Antonio and several other Cuban artists on a collaborative sketch project documenting our impressions of Havana.  I was invited to make the first marks, was soon joined by artists James Turner, Veronica Lawlor, Julia Sverchuk​, Margaret Hurst, Tony McDonald, and many others. Jose and his group of artists jumped in, and in the melee of mark making, something magical happened.  The resulting canvas, being shown now during the Havana Art Biennial, is a priceless symbol of art bridging cultures...and it's a damn handsome image as well.

I confer with Cuban artist Jose Antonio before beginning the project.

I was honored to be asked by Jose to begin the sketch.  I drew a quick image of the Capitolio to act as a centerpiece.

Veronica Lawlor jumps in.

Jose Antonio (green shirt), James Turner, Dale Sass, Pam Blough and Margaret Hurst (far left)

Cuban and American artists who collaborated on the canvas.

The finished work is being displayed as part of the Havana Arts Biennial through June 22, then will come to the U.S.

I'm honored to have participated, and to count this Cuban artists as friends.