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Saturday, November 5, 2016

DRAW DAT! in New Orleans!

The American Society of Landscape Architects' (ASLA's) Annual Meeting afforded me the opportunity to reassemble my team of world class instructors (Richard Alomar, Chip Sullivan, Bob Chipman) and to lead 40 talented and road-worthy landscape architects on a sketching exploration through the Big Easy we dubbed DRAW DAT!  We were assisted by Cap Caplinger, a New Orleans native and venerable design practioner, who kept us on the discovery route and on the good side of the City's many storied spirits.  I did a number of quick, on-location sketches (top) that will later be developed into mixed media studio paintings (bottom).  We passed a good time, ya'll...
A quick field sketch in my accordion-style sketchbook of Chartres Street at Jackson Square, with Professor Longhair watching over the festivities.

Same view developed further in the studio, with ink, watercolor and colored pencils.  This one went to a silent auction.


  1. Wonderful versions of the street scene!!

  2. Great sketches and energy, as always. Would be interested to know if the studio version was based solely on your location sketch plus memory .... or maybe further helped by some photo references too? Congrats on the award .... a massive achievement and wonderful acknowledgment / recognition from your peers .... doesn't get any better than that! Best, Tony

    1. Hi Tony! As you can see, the studio version is almost identical to quick sketch I did on site. But I've stood on that spot hundreds of times since I was a kid, and i felt that the angle of the roofline on the brick building facing me wasn't quite right. So i consulted a photo to get the angle broadened sufficiently (which also involved adding one more of those small rectangular windows under the roof). What I was shooting for was to get the architecture depicted in a believable way (if I noticed it was wrong others from New Orleans would notice too) while retaining the energy of the quick sketch. I was happy with how it turned out. Oh, and thanks for the congratulations...that was a very nice surprise to cap the convention. Cheers! Jim