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Monday, December 19, 2016

Sir, What's That You're Drawing?

This is a nice story from our Urban Sketchers Dallas/Fort Worth outing on Saturday, posted on Facebook by the mother of the young man in the photo with me. When we're sketching, people are watching--we usually never know who or why.  But that's almost always a good thing.  (Story and photo by Tasha Emmons Young):
    "Yesterday, while strolling around downtown Plano, Reichen saw a man sketching on the street. We stopped. We chatted. He told Reichen he was once a boy who loved to draw and when he grew up, he discovered how to make a living drawing as an urban planner. The man drew with ink and told us later he would add watercolor to his work. This artist was so kind and so patient. He let Reichen watch, observe, and ask questions. Reichen was so inspired, he sketched as soon as he got home and tried a medium he never used before - watercolor. Reichen told me he hopes to be as kind and thoughtful to younger artists one day just as the man on the street was to him. Thank you, James Richards. It was very, very nice to meet you. You inspired my 10-year-old artist and we are grateful."