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Monday, June 26, 2017

On location: Coquina Beach, Florida

For those who love the beach--Patti and I made a 30-minute drive north from Siesta Key to check out the Sunday morning market on Coquina Beach.  After several days of overcast skies, I was taken with the sunlight on the beach and the colorful mash-up of buildings, sand, umbrellas and beach patrons.  We found a table in the shade, and picked up a couple of pina coladas.  I proceeded to capture the scene I was so taken with, while Patti proceeded to capture me.  A near perfect way to spend an hour.

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The observer and the observed...

Laying down ink.  I still believe the combination of lively linework and watercolor best conveys my impressions of the energy of a place.

The frozen pina colada makes watercolor time even more creative...
Some days it  all comes together well.
Our work here is done--time to find the Star Fish Market for lunch on the working docks...and maybe another sketch.


  1. Hi James I'm a fan/follower and landscape architect that lives near coquina beach. Would be great to buy you a beer or two somewhere (siesta key maybe?) and bring my sketchbook? Chris Sutton

  2. Hi James I'm a fan and landscape architect that lives just a few minutes away from Coquina Beach. If you're still in the area, I'd love to buy you a beer or two and bring my sketchbook along. Thanks for sharing all the great work! Chris Sutton

    1. Hi Christopher! I'd love to get together! Shoot me an email to jim@townscape.com and let's make it happen.

  3. I really like your formatting on this one! Creating that unlined border across the page has a really wonderful effect!