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Monday, September 25, 2017

Life's a Beach: The Siesta Key Drum Circle

DATELINE: SIESTA KEY.  Every Sunday evening, lightening and hurricanes permitting, the Siesta Key Drum Circle gathers to celebrate the sunset.  Last night was my first attempt the sketch the gathering.  The line drawing was done on location in the midst of the action; the watercolor was added the next day.  I'm looking forward to many more opportunities..
Trying to let the spirit move the pen...
Just another guy in the circle...

Sharing the sketch with Boomer, one of the dancers in the drawing.

This pretty well captures the flavor of the evening...see you next week!


  1. So summery. Our Spring has just got underway, with a slow start, but looking forward to moments similar to these on our side of the world!

  2. You really captured their movements!!! Great job!

  3. Great representation of the mood! I can feel the music :)

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