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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mike Daikubara's New Book Will Change How You Sketch!

Many of you have heard me say, "Don't aspire to be great.  Aspire to be prolific."  If that statement strikes a chord with you, then Mike Daikubara's "Sketch Now, Think Later" is the right book at the right time.  I received an advance copy, and can't help but grin as I read it.  Mike, a favorite Urban Sketchers instructor and correspondent, has taken his popular "Sketch Now, Think Later" workshop philosophy, ideas and lessons and expanded them into a book you'll want to keep in your sketch bag.  "Sketch Now, Think Later" is an important addition to the current canon of sketching books because it focuses on the issue fundamental to all sketchers--removing all the roadblocks to sketching every day, any time, in any situation.   There's a lot of great reading here on essential attitudes, but it's also rich in great tips, tools, techniques that are rooted in the thousands of hours Mike has devoted to location sketching, always with an eye to being more prolific and having more fun.  That's a hard combination to beat.

Another reason I love this new book is because every page reflects Mike's sense of generosity, good vibes and contagious enthusiasm for sketching.  The guy just can't help himself--he's a powerhouse of positive energy who loves what he does, and the reader reaps the reward.

I believe it always comes back to being prolific, and this book offers a wealth of shortcuts to that goal. I'm headed out for a week of sketching in Los Angeles, and I'm dropping Mike's book in my sketch bag to reread on the plane and for inspiration in the field.  I recommend it to you highly.


  1. I can tell already that I'm going to want a copy of this. Looks great!

  2. Thanks for recommendation. It’s on order. Have a prolific trip & enjoyed our sketching group in Dallas. NS

  3. I just got one on Amazon, can't wait! Thanks for this review James! Oh and by the way your little hotel done in Santa Monica is one of my faves.....It's in my home, next to the Santa Monica pier, my hometown. XXX Deb

  4. I should order it immediately 😏

  5. I found out about Mike and his book through this review. I bought and loved his simple philosophy. I went out to sketch and who should stop by and admire me? Mike himself!! I fanboy'ed. SO great to be able to tell him directly what an impact his book has on my approach to JUST DRAW.
    And thank you for introducing me.