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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Jim's New Skillshare Class!

Hi everyone!  I sincerely hope this finds you well, and finding creative ways to take advantage of the quarantine time we now find on our hands. To fill some of that void here at home, I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a new online sketching class for Skillshare.  I’m happy and excited to let you know that this brand new class, “Travel Sketching Essentials: A Great Sketch in 5 Steps,” went live last night.  
This class was a lot of fun to create, and is packed with information. It's designed to take a complex travel sketching subject and dramatically simplify the process of creating a fresh, lively sketch in ink and watercolor washes. For this class, I decided there would be no skipping steps, no fast forwards--you are free to do that as you wish, or to hang with me in the studio for every line and brushstroke of creating this painting. I had a blast, and I think you will too.

I'll cover my latest tools and materials, how I simplify a scene, how to use thumbnail sketches to find a great composition, and my 5-step process for building a sketch of any urban scene.
This is part of a series of classes I'm creating for all skill levels, veterans to beginners. It's intended to demystify sketching, making it less intimidating, more accessible and more fun.
You can see the class introduction video (about a minute and a half) with this link. If you are ready to jump in and you're not a Skillshare member, you can sign up for two free months right there.
You are all part of our extended family, and you're in our thoughts. Siesta Key remains heartbreakingly beautiful, if eerily quiet. Patti and I and family are healthy and coping well with staying around the house and studio. Be well, be safe, and we hope to see you soon.
Warmest regards,