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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Inspirations: Meet Bon Hui Uy

During last week's USkTalks interview with the larger-than-life Rob Sketcherman, I mentioned some designers and artists whose Hong Kong sketches and paintings had inspired me to travel and sketch, and to visit Hong Kong in particular.  No one inspired me more in that regard than architectural designer, artist and illustrator Bon Hui Uy.

I became aware of Bon Hui's work by luck in 1983 or so, finding his first published collection of drawings in an architectural bookstore in Dallas. That book, Architectural Drawings and Leisure Sketches, was like no other collection I'd seen. Along with the follow-up book, Drawings--Architecture and Leisure, they combined architectural design, illustration, on-the-spot sketching and pure art, all in Bon-Hui's startlingly fresh, engaging style. It was truly a breath of fresh air for me. In no small way, it gave me permission to push my line-driven style further, and to bring some of the loose character of my more casual on-location sketches to my professional design drawings.  

After purchasing his third book, Architectural Drawings and Leisure Works, I lost track of Bon Hui for a while, until last week, when the announcement of my new Skillshare class and my mention of him in the USkTalks interview prompted a string of correspondences. I'm delighted to catch up with this sketching hero of mine, and to introduce him to those of you who haven't had the pleasure.  Enjoy these images, and check out www.bonhui.com.