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Friday, July 31, 2020


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Hi all! Yesterday I released my third and most ambitious online class on Skillshare. It's called "Bring City Scenes to Life: Sketching Cars, Trees and Furnishings." It's a series of short lessons (they average about 9 minutes) that walk you through my approach to sketching passenger cars, trucks and buses, urban trees, and a range of furnishings like street lamps, benches and signs. Then we put them all together in a lively 1-point perspective of a cool street scene with lots of character a real sense of depth.  

Learning an approach to sketching these "entourage" elements can add realism and a sense of authenticity to your city sketches. They can also help balance your composition, provide an interesting foreground, lend a rich level of detail, and tell us something about the character and culture of the city you're in. They're equally applicable whether you're working on location, in the studio, or just doodling for fun.

Skillshare is like the Netflix of online learning. If you're already a member, jump right in! If you're not, the link below can give you 2 free months of access to all of Skillshare's classes (which is more than enough time to wade through all 3 of my classes there). I plan to add a new class to the series every 2-3 months.

Thanks everyone--I hope to see you in class!