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Monday, August 30, 2021

Urban Sketching Summer Retreat: Madeline Island School of the Arts


The inaugural Urban Sketching Summer Retreat was held at the Madeline Island School of the Arts (MISA) August 16-20, 2021. The gorgeous island in Lake Superior and the historic port town of Bayfield, WI. provided us all with what I call a "target rich environment" of sketching subjects.  Instructors Shari Blaukopf, Paul Heaston, Uma Kelkar and myself had 51 participants attend. They were divided into 4 groups, and each group had a different instructor each day. The  5th and final day was a giant group sketch with everyone together, followed by a big "throw down" where we all admired each others' work for the week (and made a few sales and trades of sketches). Thank you school founder/director Charles Meech and the entire staff for hosting us and making this a truly remarkable event! Here are a few of my demonstration and leisure sketches from the week:

Paul, Shari, me and Uma--this one's a wrap! See you next summer...