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SKETCHBOOK: a creative tool and a way of life that celebrates design and drawing as vital ways to see and value culture, to discover ideas, and to envision a better world.

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"The world is my studio; my sketchbook is my passport." -J.R.



Jim's art is rooted in a lifetime of exploring great cities and places in over 45 countries, in understanding their authenticity and appeal, and in capturing their sense of place in expressive line, color, and composition. These works speak an international language, bridging political boundaries and cultural differences to inspire conversation, appreciation and understanding. They take viewers to exotic locales, and remind travelers of the experience of a favorite destination. We hope you'll be inspired to chart your own adventures, sketchbook in hand.

Jim's works are available as high quality giclee prints from original travel sketchbook pages, and from studio paintings developed from on location sketches.  The link above allows you to order them in a range of sizes, on paper or canvas, framed or unframed.  If you are interested in purchasing Jim's original art, contact us at jim@townscape.com.

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