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SKETCHBOOK: a creative tool and a way of life that celebrates design and drawing as vital ways to see and value culture, to discover ideas, and to envision a better world.



January 17-19           Demos + Sketchwalks, Miami Beach Art Deco Weekend
March 6-9                  Workshops, North Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada
April 15-21 .              On assignment:  New Orleans
May 28-June 8           Workshop: Sketching the Spirit of Tuscany, Lucca, Italy
June 27-July 7           Sketch Provence, Puget sur Durance, France
July 13-17                  Workshop: Madeline Island School of Art, Lake Superior
Oct 1-7                       ASLA National Conference, Miami FL
Oct 15-18                   Johnny Cash Heritage Festival, Dyess, AR


March 18-27               Vietnam Sketch Retreat with Anna's Art/Food/Culture (sold out)
April 11-13                  Lecture and Workshop: Utah State University
April 14-19                  On assignment: Utah
May 7-19                     Workshop: Discover Tuscany! Lucca, Italy (sold out)
June 1-2                      Workshop with Gates+Associates, San Ramon, CA
June 9-13                    On assignment with Pat Southern Pearce
July 11-15                   On assignment: London
July 17-20                   Workshop: Sketching Lively Townscapes, Ely, UK (sold out)
July 24-27                   Workshops: Urban Sketching Symposium, Amsterdam (sold out)
Sept 13-14                  Workshop + Sketchwalk, Louisiana ASLA Conference, Baton Rouge
Oct 2-5                        Lecture and Workshop: Louisiana State University
Oct. 17-20                   On assignment: Johnny Cash Heritage Festival, Dyess, AR
Oct 31-Nov 2               Lecture and workshop: University of Delaware
Nov 14-19                   Workshop and Exhibition: ASLA National Conference, San Diego, CA
Dec 13-14                    Workshops for studioOutside, Dallas, TX


Feb. 22-24                  Lecture:  University of Arizona
March 25-26               Host LSU Student Visit: Sarasota
April 11-15                  Workshop:  U of Massachusetts, Amherst
April 23-27                  Workshops and lectures:  San Jose, Costa Rica
April 28-May 5            On assignment:  Costa Rica
May 19                        Workshop: USk 10x10 Orlando "Capturing the Crowd"
May 28-June 19          On assignment:  Italy and Croatia
July 6-10                     On assignment:  London
July 11-14                   Workshop:  Oxford, UK
July 15-22                   Workshops:  International Urban Sketching Symposium, Porto, Portugal
July 25-28                   Sketch tour:  Florida ASLA Conference, Bonita Springs, FL
Sept 27-29                  Sketch tour: Louisiana AIA Conference, New Orleans LA
Oct. 4-14                     Workshop:  Tuscany, Italy
Oct. 18-23                   Sketch Tour and Exhibition: ASLA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 2-3                      Workshop: SUNY and Upstate NY ASLA (to be confirmed)
Dec. 8                         Workshop:  USk 10x10 Orlando "Creating a Sense of Depth"


Jan. 12-16                   Workshops:  North Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton, Canada
Jan. 21                        USk DFW sketchcrawl
Feb. 10-12                   Cuba Art Exhibition + sketchcrawl, Shreveport, LA
Feb. 16-18                   Lecture + workshops:  University of Oklahoma
Feb. 22-25                   Facilitating design symposium for private firm, Charlotte, NC
March 12-17                 On assignment:  Mexico
March 14                      Workshop: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
March 22-25                 LaBASH Conference, College Park, MD
March 29- April 1          Workshop:  Washington State University, Pullman, WA
April 2-13                     On assignment:  Idaho/Montana/Wyoming
April 22                        USk DFW sketchcrawl
April 25-27                   Texas ASLA Conference, Austin, TX
April 28-30                   On assignment:  Canyon Lake, TX
May 5-7                        Workshop:  Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
May 17-18                    Opening, Center for Landscape Architecture: Washington DC
June 2-4                       National ASLA Student Awards Jury: Washington DC
June 7-July 9                On assignment: Siesta Key, FL
June 15-17                    Facilitate design symposium for private firm, Jacksonville, FL
July 12-14                     Recon trip for ASLA Annual Meeting field session: Los Angeles, CA
July 15                          USk DFW sketchcrawl
July 26-31                    Workshops: USk International Urban Sketching Symposium, Chicago, IL
Oct. 10-12                    Workshop:  Southwestern Watercolor Society
Oct. 18-24                    ASLA Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA


Jan 22-24                       Craftsy Instructor Summit:  Denver, CO
Feb. 6-10                       Workshops/lectures:  Ball State University, Muncie, IN
Feb. 11-12                     Workshops/sketchcrawl: Florida International University, Miami, FL
Feb. 13-16                     On assignment:  Florida Keys
Feb. 20                          USk DFW sketchcrawl
March 4-7                      Workshops: North Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton, Canada
March 24-April 5             On assignment:  Route 66 Road Trip
March 31-April 2             Workshops/sketchcrawl:  Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
April 6-8                         LSU Landscape Architecture Advisory Board, Baton Rouge, LA
April 13-15                      Lecture:  Central States ASLA Conference, Little Rock, AR
April 27-29                      Keynote/sketchcrawl: Texas ASLA Conference, Fort Worth, TX
May 6-9                          Sketchcrawl: N, California ASLA, San Francisco, CA
May 21                           USk DFW sketchcrawl
June 2-4                         On assignment:  Santa Monica, CA
June 5-18                       On assignment:  Vietnam
June 19-23                      On assignment:  Hong Kong
June 29-July 2                On assignment:  New Orleans, LA
July 16                           USk DFW sketchcrawl
July 25-31                      Workshops: International Urban Sketching Symposium, Manchester, UK
Aug. 2-6                         Keynote/sketchcrawl:  Florida ASLA Conference, Jacksonville, FL
Aug. 16-20                     On assignment:  Charleston, SC
Sept. 2-5                        On assignment:  Green Bay, WI.
Sept. 8-11                      Workshops/sketchcrawl: Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
Sept. 17                         USk DFW sketchcrawl
Oct. 15                          USk DFW sketchcrawl
Oct. 19-25                      Keynote/sketchcrawl/exhibition: ASLA Annual Meeting, New Orleans LA
Nov. 5-17                       On assignment:  Iceland, France
Nov. 19                          USk DFW sketchcrawl
Dec. 17                         USk DFW sketchcrawl


May 1-2                           Concept Drawing and Urban Sketching Workshops, EDSA, Florida
May 31-June 7                "Sketch Cuba with James Richards" tour, Cuba
June 8-22                        "Hemingway's Cuba" exhibition, San Francisco de Paula, Cuba
June 18-19                      Interviews:  Holland, MI
June 20-24                      On assignment:  Havana, Cuba
July 19-28                      Workshops: International Urban Sketching Symposium, Singapore
Aug. 20-23                     On assignment:  Chicago, IL
Sept. 10-13                     Workshops:  Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS
Sept. 17-20                     ASLA AMEAC Committee Meeting, Washington DC
Oct. 5-9                          Craftsy video shoot, Denver, CO
Oct. 11-17                      Keynote/workshop/sketchcrawl:  IFLA/Africa Chapter, Nairobi, Kenya
Oct. 18-23                      On assignment:  Kenya
Nov. 4-9                         Sketchcrawl/exhibition:  ASLA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL
Nov. 12-15                     Workshops/lectures/sketchcrawl:  Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
Nov. 21                          USk DFW sketchcrawl
Dec. 10-11                     On assignment:  Baton Rouge, LA
Dec. 19                          USk DFW sketchcrawl


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