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Online Sketching Lessons

"I feel intimidated."
"I used to enjoy my art, now I want to again."
"I'm afraid to add people to my sketches."
"Where do I start?"

Link: Sketching the Energy of Places with James Richards
I hear you.  And I know that my online Craftsy class--Sketching the Energy of Places--can help you achieve your goals for creating lively sketches of the places you live and travel.

Link: Sketching the Energy of Places with James Richards
My university students consistently tell me, "I learned more in your 2-hour online course than in a full semester of your Urban Sketching class."  That's because the creative production team at Craftsy crystallized my lessons to their essence, then enhanced them with computer motion graphics and crisp editing to clarify the techniques.  I can honestly say that this online class is some of my very best work, and the most satisfying creative collaboration I've experienced.

Link: Sketching the Energy of Places with James Richards
Here are some key things to know:
·    When you buy the class, it’s yours forever.  Watch as many times as you want.
·    You can pause and repeat key lines and segments to clarify a point.
·    You can type specific questions to me, and I’ll respond personally in a timely manner.
·    If you like, you can post your sketches online, and request feedback from me and other class participants.
·    The class is ridiculously affordable.

Here are some excerpts from reviews by students:
·    “I've been waiting for this class for 30 years... It's hit the nail on the head for me. Thanks Jim!”
·    “Best class ever!  I've taken a lot of Craftsy classes, but this is by far my favorite.”
·    “Thanks a lot James for your absolute great loose sketching lessons!!!! It's so wonderful to experience and I’ve never had the skills and confidence to go for urban drawings, far too difficult for me. But you've changed my mind about that completely!”
·    “I was really sad to finish this class! Happily I can go back and watch all the lessons again :) James Richards has a really engaging and entertaining teaching style and I found his instruction so helpful.”
·    “This is the home of WOW moments!  James bring valuable insight to both the thought and process of sketching and I had so many "wow" moments - the clouds of doubt and confusion of the past disappeared and the technique or concept was right there and I was able to go try it and WOW - it made a huge difference - this was just the guidance and instruction I have needed.

Here’s a link where you can see a preview with an option to purchase...enjoy!


  1. Do you have an online class called Drawing People Somebody mentioned it in FB but I am unable to find it anywhere.

    1. No, the class mentioned above is my only class. i have recommended Suhita Shirodkar's Craftsy class "Figure Sketching Made Simple." I think it's excellent.

    2. wow. Thanks for responding. I love ydour stuff and will look up the class. Lina

  2. I have just finished watching your Craftsy course... all the way through....and I am so impressed and grateful. Your techniques, your clear instructions and your easy going style have really inspired me to get out there and just do it.... as Nike would say !! Now I am going to go back to the beginning of the class and practice, practice and practice some more with the homework assignments and out and about in my town. I'm excited. Thank you !!! I have taken about 10 classes at Craftsy and yours is the very best.

    1. What a great note, Susan! I’m sorry I’m only now seeing it. I love hearing from folks about their experience with the class. Always keep it fun!

  3. I, too, just completed "Essential Techniques for Sketching the Energy of Places"! Can't wait to head to our small town square to try out the ideas and instructions you shared! Thank you so much!

  4. Am very new at watercolors less than a year. It has been challenging at times, knowing what to purchase with so many different opinions of artists I realize that all experience are diferente. Am a little bit more confidence in developing my own technique. Thanks to your class and recommendations in “Essential Techniques for Sketching Energy of Places” on Craftsy. I have never sketched on location but looking forward to that adventure soon.

  5. dear James: please how do I get on your new video thanks steve