Our workshops are a celebration of the transformational experience of travel, and the added richness, excitement and creative rush that on-location sketching brings to it. You'll learn to use sketching as a way to explore and a key to discovery in some of the world's most inspirational settings.

Our goal is not for you to draw like anyone else. Our goal is to equip you with eye-opening lessons, techniques, shortcuts and inspiration from my own decades of experience that can help you develop your own style, provide sketching breakthroughs and shave years off your learning curve. Our workshop guests often say we've "given them permission" to be themselves and to enjoy the process. You'll depart with a newfound sense of freedom and confidence that's the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment and continued growth.

Our currently scheduled workshops are listed below:

Don’t aspire to be great. Aspire to be prolific. If you’re prolific, becoming great takes care of itself. -J.R.

Video by Dawid Lenart

"I expected to learn, I expected to eat well, and I expected to experience new things. What I didn't expect was to rediscover that six-year-old boy who loved to draw without judgement...and to find friendships that will last a lifetime." 

-Professional photographer and workshop participant, Tuscany 2019.

"I've attended more workshops than I really care to admit, but this one was different. The memories won't go away. I am basking in a mood of inspiration to draw more and put to use some of the valuable information I learned. I no longer fear using perspective as I did even through years of working as an illustrator. Beyond excellence! I cannot wait to do it again. Anywhere. Anytime." 

-Artist and workshop participant, Tuscany 2019.

"Jim, I loved every minute of your teaching. You were so well prepared, clear and simple in your explanations and so generous in sharing your knowledge and expertise. You have really spurred me into action and I feel I have restarted my sketching journey. It was a privilege to have been one of your students for a few days. I look forward to doing it all again next year!

-Artist and workshop participant, Tuscany 2023.

"I loved this workshop, learned so much from James in such a short time. Well planned with clear expectations. James was excellent at communicating and explaining everything. I learned a lot more than I anticipated. This was a great workshop."  

-International Urban Sketching Symposium participant

"This was by far my favorite workshop, mostly due to Jim's expertly set-up class. He explains one concept after the other in a clear and understandable way. There is an easy to follow increase in complexity, which keeps the class challenging and interesting. Jim was also very able in giving feedback and explaining what and how to improve."   

-International Urban Sketching Symposium participant

"I would take another workshop with Jim and Patti anytime."  

-International Urban Sketching Symposium participant

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