Essential Techniques for Sketching the Energy of Places

This is my first and most comprehensive online class, offered by both Craftsy and The Great Courses Plus. It's 1 hour and 56 minutes of instruction, spread across 7 lessons. We start with how to select your scene and draw believable crowds with proper proportions. Next, you'll learn my step-by-step process to avoid being overwhelmed by complex city scenes. Then you'll learn my urban sketching tips for breaking down large buildings into basic shapes and textures. We'll tackle placing and drawing trees, cars and other urban features with confidence. Finally, you'll learn to bring your work to life as you discover how to illuminate your sketches with watercolor washes and use opaque colors to refine the details. 

I'm very proud of this class and of the thousands of sketchers who have broken through to new heights in their sketching journey. It's available as an online course and on DVD.

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