Sketching Your World: Exploring Composition and a Dramatic Sense of Depth

Sketching your world isn't about talent, it's about principles and techniques anyone can learn. In this class, you'll learn to create fresh, lively line and wash sketches with dynamic compositions and a real illusion of depth. Composition and depth are the essence of on-location sketching—using editing, foreground/middleground/background, overlapping, line weight and other techniques to recreate the real life, 3-dimensional scenes you see in front of you on a flat sketchbook page using only a pen and some basic knowledge. It’s not magic; these are relatively simple techniques you can master.

There's even a bonus lesson on using dramatic darks to create sketches with impact, and 9 downloadable reference sheets to enrich your learning experience.

 This is a class for all skill levels from beginners to professionals. The techniques are drawn from Jim’s decades of on-the-spot sketching experience that has taken him to great cities and landscapes in 45 countries across the globe. By the end of the class, the lessons will be your own, and you’ll be sketching the places you live and travel with new skills and confidence. 

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