My online classes bring the lessons, techniques and personal tips from my in-person workshops and make them available to you, anytime, anywhere. The Skillshare classes are part of an ongoing series that address a range of topics in depth, all resulting in a personal watercolor sketch project you can create. The Craftsy class is at once comprehensive and very detailed, and covers my process from selecting urban sketch subjects to creating final color sketches. The advantages to these classes are that you own access to them forever, you can watch and repeat them as many times as you like, and you are right there, watching closely over my shoulder to see every nuance as a drawing comes together.

“I've been waiting for this class for 30 years... It's hit the nail on the head for me. Thanks Jim!”

“Best class ever! I've taken a lot of Craftsy classes, but this is by far my favorite.”

“Thanks a lot James for your absolute great loose sketching lessons!!!! It's so wonderful to experience and I’ve never had the skills and confidence to go for urban drawings, far too difficult for me. But you've changed my mind about that completely!”

“I was really sad to finish this class! Happily I can go back and watch all the lessons again. James Richards has a really engaging and entertaining teaching style and I found his instruction so helpful.”

“James bring valuable insight to both the thought and process of sketching and I had so many "wow" moments - the clouds of doubt and confusion of the past disappeared and the technique or concept was right there and I was able to go try it and WOW - it made a huge difference - this was just the guidance and instruction I have needed.

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