Inventing Life’s Meaning with James Richards: Part I

Storyteller, artist, architect, educator - Jim has worn many hats in an epic and fascinating life. He speaks about growing up in Louisiana, learning to draw from Mad Magazine, and his close association with the built environment. We learn what it means to create a life that reflects our values, and the places we can go when guided by interests and curiosities. Listen HERE.

Inventing Life’s Meaning with James Richards: Part 2

The second half of the conversation with Florida-based artist, educator, author and architect James Richards, about traveling the world as an architect and as an educator, the concept of ‘stealing like an artist’, and Jim’s decision to pick creativity and autonomy at various stages of his professional life. ‘To invent your own life’s meaning is not easy, but it is still allowed. And I think you’ll be happier for the trouble.’ - Bill Watterson (creator of Calvin and Hobbes) Listen HERE.

Jim featured in Fall 2021 issue of Watercolor Artist Magazine

This Special Feature called Sketchbook Lessons shares Jim’s techniques for bringing life to sketches. Purchase the digital edition HERE.

Rosanne Cash calls Jim onstage

Singer/songwriter and author Rosanne Cash commissioned Jim to create a painting of her father Johnny Cash’s boyhood home. Here’s what happened.

Urban Sketching with James Richards

If you've ever had an interest in hitting the road with your artwork and sketching the world, you're going to love this episode. James Richards is one of the best urban sketchers on the planet. He's a full-time traveling artist and spends most of his time sketching on location and teaching workshops around the world. We know this conversation with Jim is going to leave you inspired to pick up your pen and sketchbook and head outdoors! Listen HERE.

Urban Sketching Tips with James Richards

Last week, we introduced you to urban sketcher extraordinaire, James Richards. So, if you haven't had a chance to listen to that episode, be sure to check it out. Today he's back to share with us his five best tips for getting started with urban sketching. Listen HERE.

Jim on creative life and career: An interview with Andy Rycroft

I was very happy to be one of eight creatives interviewed for an international online conference—many hard-won insights, personal stories and some raw moments.

Jim interviewed for Art Supply Posse podcast  

Kim Cofield of Art Supply Posse, based in Australia, conducts a masterful interview on Jim’s mission, career, inspirations and, of course, his favorite supplies. Find it HERE.

Jim interviews William Johnson and Peter Walker for ASLA National Conference, New Orleans

William Johnson, FASLA, and Peter Walker, FASLA, share insights into the guiding principles, defining works and key lessons of their careers, and offer their takes on the future of the profession at ASLA 2016 Annual Meeting General Session.

Ink and watercolor wash demo of Italian street

This was an invited program for design professionals who want to brush up on sketching skills.

Siesta Key's newspaper interviews Jim

This interview explores how COVID shifted Jim’s art from a focus on global travel to a deep dive into the wonders of his home, Siesta Key. Read it HERE.

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